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I am a painter and writer focusing on spiritual and mystical images and thoughts.


Several years ago Charlotte “Charlee” Shroyer listened to the “music of her soul,” left a 20-year career as teacher and college professor to start on the path eventually leading her to the fine art community of Taos, New Mexico. Forty years before her Taos arrival, Shroyer painted for the first time as part of a requirement for elementary education certification. The exhilaration of this experience and the positive feedback accompanying it encouraged her to pursue art classes in southern California and later in Berkeley, California.

Shroyer’s artistic path to Taos included twenty years as a weaver of Navajo style woven pillows and rugs as well as ethnic baskets. Her textile work was juried into prestigious American Craft Council shows in Chicago and Columbus. It was a move to Taos and experience as writer/editor for a Taos art publication that rekindled her love affair with fine art.

Shroyer paints in her studios in Taos and the Tampa Bay area; and on location in selected sites of the world. Exhibits have included juried shows in Lexington, KY; Reno, Nevada; Naples and the Tampa Bay area in FL; Darien, CT; Dallas, TX; and Taos, NM. Colleagues and patrons describe her art as “full of energy,” “coming from a place deep within–a place of her own vision,” and style reminiscent of DeKooning and the Mexican artist Tamayo. In her own words, she sees her painting as “a passion of mind and soul. The process starts with just a few swipes of paint onto the canvas until the image touches the fringes of the mind as it finds a path onto the canvas.”

Shroyer also continues to write. Her essay entitled “Yarns of the Soul” published in abqARTS was awarded the 2005 Best Feature Award in the San Francisco Honorary Publications competition for newspapers with circulation 50,000.


traveling to and painting mystical places in the world; studying archaeology and finding ways to incorporate these interests into my paintings; weaving and designing clothes; golf; studying political and foreign affair issues; reading.